What to Wear?

Wear something comfortable! Most students come in casual to dressy-casual attire. We are not your stuffy studio that require sports coats and nylons. You're going to be getting your groove on; so, the last thing you want to be thinking about is how itchy you are in your outfit once your body temperature rises.  The room is air conditioned so a sweater or athletic jacket is advised for when you first get started.  Dance shoes are a very important part of your new uniform (info available here online and at the studio).  However, they can be a costly investment.  We can help guide you as to which kind would be best for you once you begin.  Until then, wear a shoe with a leather bottom or tennis shoes with a very worn down slick sole.  Sticky rubber soled shoes are terribly hard on your body while dancing so be warned.  Bring a water bottle and a sweat towel to keep yourself hydrated and to wipe off any perspiration (a must in partnership dancing).  Mints are in the jar so feel free to grab one - everyone likes the smell of fresh breath!  Avoid becoming a co-pilot instructor and let the teacher teach the class. Lastly, the most important thing you can wear is a big huge smile!


At The Dance Lounge we take pride in being a friendly and welcoming studio and smiles are contagious!



Studio Rules & Regulations

I understand that dancing is an aerobic activity with assumed risk and that in no way is The Dance Lounge, the instructor or the facility liable for any injury I may incur associated with my participation. Please seek your doctor’s approval prior to enrolling in any course that involves such risks.

Please DO NOT attend class if you're feeling under the weather or you will be asked to leave.  It is important to keep everyone healthy, including your instructor. Hand sanitizer is our friend, use as much as you want.

Rotations are advised but not mandatory.  If it's your "date night" have fun and dance the night away together knowing that you won't be forced to rotate.  All we ask is that you stay on the edges of the class so those who are rotating can easily do so.

The Dance Lounge has the right to refuse service.  The studio environment and the comfort of others while partner dancing is key to it's success. Take a moment to read the Etiquette Flyer online or in the lobby if you're new to partner dancing and know that while we like to have fun, any threatening behavior of any kind won't be tolerated.








Thank You & We'll See You On The Dance Floor!