You and your instructor are working one-on-one for 50 minute sessions to provide you with material that is individually crafted to meet your specific dancing goals (whether it's social acceptance or competition dancing). Private sessions are focused on learning new patterns and the technique or styling that is necessary to support those patterns. They are also often spent on learning fun new routines to put some flare into your dance training.

We are often asked how many lessons one will need to take in order to get "good at dancing"...think of it like this...

If you want to become a really good golfer, how would you approach your training?  Would you assume you could be the next Tiger Woods after 5 lessons?   Probably not.  Dancing is very similar.  You could take a few lessons to get you out on the dance floor (much like going to the driving range and smacking a few balls); but, in order to become a well versed, techincally skilled and stylized dancer the reality is that it's going to take some time.  Each person's goals are different from the next so you and your instructor can find what works best for you and tailor a program that will help you meet your dancing goals as well as match up with your budget.  Most dancers take an average of one private lesson and one group lesson per week.  Some hit it harder with two - three private lessons a week but again, it's up to you.  Think about where you would like to be able to dance.  Would it be a holiday party, a wedding, a night club or an upcoming competition.  This will also help us to get you started on the right track right away.  

Once you've been taking private sessions for a while, know that it is common for students to experience the rush of learning a lot of information and then hitting a plateau during the cleaning up process. This is when it feels like there hasn’t been much progress or the lessons seem repetitive. However, keep in mind that this is when you’re actually learning what it takes to turn patterns into dancing.  Lastly, always communicate new goals or concerns with your instructor.

So what are you waiting for?  Let's get started!



  • PAYG = Pay As You Go 

  • $75 per session - Must be paid at the beginning of each session. Lessons are booked according to instructor’s availability. Note: Tdl Members are given first priority in scheduling.

  • Lessons are 50 minutes in length.  You may request to video tape during the final 5 minutes of your lesson any material you learned to help guide your practice at home.





Lesson blocks are great for those who’s schedule demands flexibility from week to week; and yet, are willing to commit to a number of lessons in advance for which a discount is given. All block sessions and PAYG session rates expire after one year from purchase date.  Paid value never expires and may be applied towards any future purchase.  No refunds.


4 Private Lessons  $280.00 | Value $300


6 Private Lessons  $420.00 | Value $450


8 Private Lessons  $560.00 | Value $600


10 Private Lessons $700.00 | Value $750




Please confirm scheduling prior to making a purchase. Purchases are Non-Refundable so please choose accordingly. View our Cancellations & Refund Policy.



As a TDL Member, you’ll receive a standing appointment for the same time and day each week so no other clients may be given your standing until you or your instructor decide to change or cancel it. 


Please understand your standing appointment is not transferable under 24 hours notice and may only be rescheduled once per month. You agree to forfeit your lesson in the result of a no-show or cancellation on your behalf. This is because we’re taking it off of our “open lesson” time slot list and not offering it to anyone else. However, if your instructor cancels your lesson, you and your instructor will find a “make up” day to move the session to and your lesson will not be forfeited.


All TDL membership payments are due by the 5th of each month.  Late payments result in a forfeiture of next bonus session.


Thank you and See You On The Dance Floor!

Note:  Please confrim scheduling prior to making a purchase.  Purchases are non-refundable.  Take time to view our Cancellations & Refund policy page.