Instructor:  Moi 

TDL's Traditional Lindy Specialist
Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa, Other Swing Varieties such as The Shim Sham Shimmy, The SHAG version of The Shim Sham Shimmy, The Big Apple and more.

A ridiculously good dancer and wonderful instructor with a true passion for the old school style and flare. His experience on the dance floor will get you dancing in no time with the proper patterns, styling and musicality to feel comfortable keeping up with the best of them.

Guest Instruction:

Sylvia & The Rhythm Boys at The Patroleum Club

Redondo Beach Library

Event Participation:

TDL's 3rd Monday's 

Camp Hollywood

Austin's Hot Rhythm Holiday

TDL Moi and Rebecca LINDY HOP.JPG